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EST. 2015

The youth theatre was established in 2015 with dance and acting classes


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Blackpool Youth Theatre

Our Blackpool youth theatre is a vibrant and exciting place for young actors to learn and showcase their talents. With a variety of engaging and interactive activities, it offers an extraordinary platform for children to express themselves creatively. Through theatrical performances and acting classes, participants develop their confidence, communication skills, and teamwork abilities

We encourages actors to explore different characters and emotions, fostering their imagination and artistic growth. Whether it’s through pantomime, plays, or devised performances, the engaging and dynamic environment of the youth theatre ensures that every young actor is able to shine and thrive. With an inclusive and supportive community, this fun packed youth theatre nurtures a love and appreciation for the performing arts, creating lifelong memories and friendships along the way.

Theatre acting classes in Blackpool

Acting Classes

Join our acting classes and explore the exciting world of stage performance. In these classes, students will learn stage directions, sight-reading, improvisation, character development, mime, and more. Our classes are designed to be both educational and enjoyable, providing a supportive environment for students to learn and grow as an actor. Whether they are a beginner or have some previous experience, our classes cater to all levels of proficiency. Our experienced teacher will guide students through each step of the process, helping them develop their talents and unleash their creativity on stage.

Improv Classes

Discover the power of improv (improvisation) and unleash creativity and confidence. Our improv classes provide a safe and supportive environment where students can learn to think on their feet, trust their instincts, and collaborate with others. Enrol your child and explore the exciting world of improv. We do not currently have a start date but we expect the classes to launch later this year.

Improv classes for ages 16 and over are to be introduced soon in Blackpool. A branch website for these improv classes will be available later this year.

Improv Classes in Blackpool for Children and Adults
Pantomime auditions in Blackpool


Our students will have the amazing chance to showcase their talent through an improvised production. Although the scenes, characters, and plot will be predetermined, there will be no scripted dialogue. Instead, the actors will rely on their creativity and spontaneity to bring the story to life. This unique approach allows our students to fully immerse themselves in the art of improv.

While there will be rehearsals to ensure a cohesive performance, the actual execution of the play will be completely impromptu. This dynamic and unpredictable style of theatre not only encourages our students to think on their feet but also fosters collaboration and teamwork among the cast.

Also coming soon is our pantomime Jack and the Beanstalk. We will be holding auditions for actors and singers in Blackpool later this year! More public performances are coming soon!