• Observation and What Is Theatre?

Students will gain an understanding that theatre is the art of telling stories via acting, as well as how watching the world around them is the first step towards becoming a great actor.

  • Creating An Assemble

Students will learn to collaborate, trust one another, and include each person in group performances and activities.

  • Stage Directions and Blocking

Students will learn about the different stage directions and the importance of not blocking other actors.

  • Improvisation

Students will explore the importance of improvisation during live performance (acting) as well as the rules of improvisation and participating in improvisation activities

  • Focus and Concentration

Students will practise maintaining focus and learn that the most crucial aspect of acting is keeping in character.

  • Memorising Lines and Script Work

Students will learn the correct methods to memorising their lines and approach to their script.

  • Utilising Voice

Students will demonstrate the understanding that awareness of how voice variety, articulation, and projection are all essential components of a successful actor.

  • Objects and Why?

Students will explore the concepts of objectives and tactics, as well as how important they are to acting.

  • Character Development and Who?

Students will demonstrate the ability to understand what distinguishes characters from one another and to portray various kinds of characters.

  • Mime

Students will learn the rules of mime, how to mime the rope, wall, opening/closing doors, climbing a ladder and more.